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The aim of the Friends of Princess Margaret Hospital (Jamaica) UK is to raise funds to purchase equipment for the Hospital.

Needs of the Princess Margaret Hospital

The Hospital would like to offer Diagnostic Services, such as ultra-sound and Electrocardiogram (ECG) as these are in high demand. However, they cannot do so as they don’t have the equipment or resources to provide it. X Ray Services are 5 days per week.

Other needs include upgrading and re-equipping the following:

  • the A & E Unit
  • the Medical records Department
  • and the Medical Laboratory, to prevent patients from having to travel to Kingston.

Steps Taken

As you can see this hospital is in dire need of help. We launched a “Pledge Scheme” at our Gala Dinner and Dance in September 2006. Several people made pledges and we were able to purchase an Electro Hydraulic Table for the Operating Theatre which was delivered to the hospital in March 2007.

For the year 2009-2010, our aim is to purchase a Colposcope Unit (to detect cervical cancer).

This equipment is vital for preventing and treating early cervical cancer and the Princess Margaret Hospital [PMH] has a Gynaecologist on staff who can use it.  The PMH have been sending patients to Kingston for access to this equipment over the years and unfortunately some of them still refuse to go because of fear of the violence in Kingston - so they stay at home and then return to the PMH when the cancer is far advanced and cannot be cured.  Cervical cancer is the number one cancer in Jamaican women.  A Colposcope machine at the Hospital would go a far way in decreasing the scourge of cervical cancer in the women of St. Thomas.
[Letter: August 10th 2009 from Dr. Cecil Batchelor, Senior Medical Officer, Princess Margaret Hospital, 54 Lyssons Road, Morant Bay, Jamaica.]

The Friends of Princess Margaret Hospital, (JA) UK, launched an Appeal on 26th September 2009 for donations to purchase a “Colposcope Unit”. The Unit costs approximately US$18000.

To make a donation to the Colposcope Unit Appeal, please read the next paragraph - How You Can Help.
Monetary Donations or Colposcope Units are acceptable.

How You Can Help

A Colposcope Unit is used to detect and prevent early stages of Cervical Cancer.

Please contact us to Donate Directly: we now accept Card Payments